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what our clients say


"Danny cared about our project as if it was his own business and was very good at leading us in the right direction, so we ended up with a website that was better than what we have even hoped for."

"We began getting students signed up soon after we launched, with many of the students crediting "the website" as their reason for joining us.


It is rare to find someone like Danny that have great skills in both creative design, marketing and technical implementation."

Henrik Co-Founder, One Yoga


"Danny is professional, works fast, has great communication, and truly wanted to understand what I am doing and what the message of my website should be."

"Which for me is a integral part in the process of designing a website and getting the right message out there. He guided me in so many ways and one of the things I love the most is the way his enthusiasm, care and eye for detail and perfection has been shining through from the moment that we started until the last moment we finished. As we went through the process, Danny supported me to get more clear on my idea and concept for the website, and my creativity got much more form thanks to his guidance.


It has been so much fun to have someone design my website who thinks with me, feels with me and motivated me through his own excitement. He showed me a gift of taking my idea and how I had it in my mind and design it even better on the web! Which is a challenge as I am pretty precise about how I like and want things. I would not have thought that someone would be able to understand and translate my own creativity in such a way as Danny did. I am very grateful with the end result and I can recommend everyone to work with him.


Danny is not just doing his job to earn money, he wants to create a website that we are both proud of, which for me is a sign of pure passion for the work."

Arja Hendrikx, Tantra & Yoga Teacher


"Danny was able to take my thoughts and ideas and express them intelligently and artfully online. Designing me a beautiful site that captures the essence of my work perfectly! 

This has doubled the number of contacts received through my website!

Bodhi Zapha, Shibari Healing


"It was a pleasure working with Danny and I am very happy with the final design!

He was patient to develop my vision in an organic way, asking the right questions and inspiring me along the way. All the while staying true to the original goal."

Danny listened openly and was able to help me find clarity in my vision. I knew what I wanted but didn't have the marketing experience to make it target a specific group. His consultancy services were invaluable to the final result.

It is fresh and simple, and my clients love it! It's also intuitive and user friendly.And we managed to complete the whole project on opposite sides of the world to each other!

I was fortunate enough to meet Danny through a reference from a friend.

I searched around and compared others but I couldn't find any other designers personal touch that Danny had - and this was something I knew I wanted.

I would not hesitate to recommend Danny to a friend!

Chris Newton - Yoga Yacht Founder & Emirates Airline Pilot/First Officer

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"Danny really listens to his clients' vision, then brings considerable expertise to crafting that vision into a site that is enticing, clean and compelling."


"My second website made by Danny just went live!

As always, it was a pleasure to work with him. My business partners and I are delighted with what he created and our retreat website has received a lot of traffic already.

He is motivated by a deep passion for design and projects of the heart. He has a real talent for fusing the practical with the beautiful.

Thank you Danny!

I'm looking forward to working on website number three with you soon."

Miriam Ropshitz - Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader


"Going through the strategic process with Danny was such a beautiful collaboration – I learned SO MUCH!! Especially since I was in the beginning stages of creating my offerings into coherent, packaged products! He was patient with me and guided me through each and every step."

I am so grateful to him!! Not only did he create a website that is aesthetically amazing, but he really helped me through it with patience and expertise!

He takes time to really get to know your project, understand who you are and what gifts you want to bring to the world.

He paid attention to the smallest details (including getting the perfect font, colour schemes, photo placement etc) and it’s these details that REALLY made a huge difference in the final result.

Basically Danny is amazing not only because he is technically efficient and a great designer, but he actually CARED about me and my business!

In fact, he was so fabulous I hired him to build another website for a different project as well!

I trust him and have such respect for the creative passion he puts into his work.

Cristinas Marie - Yoga Teacher / Ex-Regional Director at JP Morgan Chase / Ex-Operations Director at Samma Karuna

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"Danny made all my visions and ideas come into reality."


"And even more beautifully than i imagined! Amazing amazing amazing!!


I am so happy!!"

Orly Parnassa, Founder


Malka Lew

"Working with Danny was a truly healing and transformational experience for me."


He really puts his heart into his work and cares about empowering people to make an impact on this planet through his gifts of website design and marketing. He brings his gifts of marketing skills and combines them with presence.


Honestly it was tremendously healing to have my story listened to and to feel the support of someone who is excited to see me blossom and shine.


I highly recommend Danny.

Malka Lew - Yoga Teacher & Medicine Woman


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