Whether your business is evolving or a fresh creation to the universe, we work closely with our clients to clarify their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers, and define their goals.

We hold live sessions where we efficiently and systematically explore and define the key foundational elements that help to form a successful website (and business).

We create a fun and empathetic atmosphere in the sessions, which are face to face or over skype.

After the sessions, both you and Awaken leave with liberating clarity around what it is you want and how you can best achieve it.



Defining your Brand

Here we explore and define the key attributes of your brand. These are the characteristics that describe its unique blend qualities - from these we begin to reveal your brands unique personality and spirit.


Defining your Customer


Many businesses create websites that is all about them. Whereas more successful websites are all about the customer.


Here we define around 3 or 4 of your customer personas to guide us in the creation of the site and also the general success of your business. We explore their individual needs and the solution to those needs.

strategy sessions



Your Goals & Prioritisation


Next we focus on the goals of your business and begin to prioritise them. We explore and define goals around:


  • Generating awareness (Marketing)

  • Making money (Revenue)

  • How to make things easier for you with new systems and processes (Efficiency)



Defining Your Customer’s Journey


What are the different ways your customers interact with your brand? Here we explore the journey your customers take with an aim to understanding how best we can serve them at the different stages of their interactions with you.


Feature Ideas & Prioritisation


Now we begin to bring everything together. How do your users needs align with your goals? Where do they intersect? And what can we do to facilitate this meeting?


By answering these questions we end up with a list of website features and often new wider business services that ensure success.


  • A clear vision for your perfect website - one that will work to meet your goals and align with your customers needs.

  • Know how your brand should look and feel in order to communicate your key values and create a lasting emotional connection to your ideal customers

  • A detailed understanding of what your current and ideal future customers are, their challenges and how to solve them.

  • A well planned list of chosen features for the website, based on effectiveness and achievability.

  • Fresh perspectives and ideas on your business’s products and services, and how they can better meet your customer’s needs and align to your strengths

  • Clarity in what marketing channels to follow and invest in for your business

  • Strategic ideas of how to improve your businesses efficiency


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