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How to create Goals & Objectives for your Website

One of the first things to think about and define are the goals and objectives of your website. But this stage is often overlooked.

Many people approach me with a goal to simply site that is full of text, photos and features that is all about them or their business. This can lead to confused visitors - who are really just interested about what is in it for them - not about you! And they might just leave before they do anything valuable for your business!

So how do you avoid this?

Defining a clear goal for your site helps you to plan and create content that guides your visitors along a journey, with the end of the path being your desired outcome.

So your overall objective may be something like this: “To generate inquiries for my free consultation call”

This objective reminds you what you are ultimately trying to get people to do.

“Inform visitors how they can benefit from my services”

This will remind you to keep the focus on your audience and what is in it for them - if you are talking about how great you are - remember to link it back to why this benefits them! (more on this later)

Hopefully you now see how having some basic yet defined objectives will help keep you on track through the process of planning and creating your new website.

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